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Alternative Energy

Our devices make alternative energy sources more accessible and efficient.


Transportation & V2G

Our devices are an integral part of the Electric Vehicle charging and support infrastructure.


Smart Grid

Our devices enable the transformation of the electricity grid into a smart grid.

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Smart Lighting

Our devices enable the control of lighting for increased safety, comfort and efficiency.

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Industrial IoT

Our devices enable the monitoring and control of the industrial environment for increased productivity.

Why Semitech Semiconductor

We are experts in designing cost-effective robust PLC/RF communication systems

Our devices provide the most adaptable multi-modal communication solutions wirelessly and over power lines to address the diverse requirements of the Industrial IoT market, while avoiding the cost and complexity of additional wiring – Connecting Everything Everywhere!

SM2400 — Multimode PLC SoC

The SM2400 System chip is broadly applicable Narrowband Communication platform. Semitech has developed multiple standard protocols for the chip, and additional customer legacy or custom protocols are possible.

PLCRF Eval Board
Turnkey Modules

Semitech has developed and made available a catalogue of turnkey board modules for various metering and vehicle applications.

Licensable IP – PLC, LPW

The algorithms and core IP embedded in the SM2400 and Modules can be licensed to embed in customer specific implementations.


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Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

Enabling communications over AC/DC power lines for monitoring and controlling devices and applications.

  • Battery chargers
  • Irrigation systems
  • Production line equipment
  • Solar inverters
Smart Grid

Smart Grid

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is the process of reading meters remotely without needing to be physically at the meter.

  • Electricity meters
  • Gas & water meters
  • Medium Voltage connectivity
  • Home displays
Transportation & V2G

Transportation & V2G

In-vehicle and to-vehicle communication provides increased safety, reliability and cost management to vehicle and fleet owners.

  • Battery management systems
  • Driver ID and sensor reading
  • ABS system reading
  • EV charging
Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

Our solutions enable energy customers to design efficient and sustainable alternative energy solutions.

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Electrical Grid
  • Electrical Grid
  • EV Charging Stations
Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Streetlights are among a city’s most important assets, providing safe roads, inviting public areas, and enhanced security in homes,

  • Street lighting
  • Venue lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • LED control systems
  • Airfield lighting

Introducing the SM2400

The SM2400 is the ultimate Narrowband PLC modem SoC. The chip is optimized for high performance and cost efficiency while providing a high degree of programmability to address multiple standard based and proprietary communications schemes and thereby usable in a diverse set of applications.

  • Performance

    Reliable communication in harsh noise environments

  • Support

    “Boutique-style” customer-oriented approach and extensive evaluation and development tools

  • Flexibility

    Custom algorithms and tailored solutions for customer applications

  • Cost

    Fast time to market and cost-effective system design

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