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Semitech Semiconductor

Semitech provides semiconductor devices that enable the transformation of the electricity grid into a smart grid. Specializing in narrowband powerline communication, our chips help to transform existing infrastructures into its “smart” counterparts, reacting to conditions on the grid and implementing a worldwide communications network based on the existing power grid.


  • Programmable signal processing technology that adjusts speed and frequency automatically

  • Automatically choses the most effective transmission frequency

  • Interoperable protocols such as EIA709.1, PLC4TRUCKS, G3-PLC and IEEE1901.2.

  • Highly secure DES encryption/­decryption

Our Mission

To be the most trusted provider of narrowband communications semiconductor and embedded systems products by enabling interoperable, reliable, robust communication in noisy power line and wireless environments.

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Why Work With Us

Our Principles

  • Employee Trust

    We have created a working environment marked by trust, stability, creativity and spontaneity through open communication between management and employees and also through training and continuous education.

  • Social Responsibility

    While we strive for economic success, we must also be ethical and ecologically aware. Primary goals are to avoid negative environmental impact and safety risks. This requires us to be good stewards of resources consumed and constantly assess potential environmental impact.

  • Product Quailty

    We work in close cooperation with our customers to develop and manufacture reliable products which solve their problems and assure technological advantage.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Our declared aim is to be among the best. Our customers’ assessment of the functionality of our products and the quality and service that we deliver indicates how well we achieve our objectives and where improvements are possible and necessary.

  • Supplier Respect

    We treat our suppliers with respect and view them vendors as our partners and an integral part to our success.

  • Processes

    Our company is a network of service relationships which generate the added value our customers expect. For all processes, performance criteria are defined with results assessed at each stage. This system provides a basis for on-going continuous improvement.


Our Team

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    Zeev Collin


    Zeev Collin


    Zeev brings over 20 years of executive management experience in semiconductors and M2M industries. Prior to co-founding Semitech, Zeev co-founded Montage Systems, a cellular M2M company, growing it to $20M of annual revenues. He pioneered and successfully commercialized the seminal soft modem technology leading it to an acquisition by Rockwell/Conexant. There, he launched over 20 successful products generating billions in sales. Zeev received B.Sc. with honors in Computer Engineering and M.Sc. with honors in Computer Science from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

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    Sverrir Olafsson

    VP of Engineering

    Sverrir Olafsson

    VP of Engineering

    Prior to joining Semitech, Sverrir served as VP of Engineering at Conexant Systems, where he managed the development of numerous technologies ranging from voice-band data modems, VoIP, Wireless LAN to MFP and Audio. Sverrir was the lead architect behind Rockwell’s and Conexant’s hugely successful line of data- and fax-modem products, and a key contributor to the V.34, V.90 and V.92 modem standards. Sverrir graduated with BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology and holds over 50 patents in communication technologies.

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    Song Cui

    Director of Product Development

    Song Cui

    Director of Product Development

    Dr. Song Cui has been with Semitech throughout its entire history. As the first very first employee of Semitech Innovations, Song’s work has been seminal in pioneering the ASIC design methodologies and applications of the Semitech products. As Director of Product Development, Song’s technology background and customer insight is instrumental to bringing focus and performance to the Semitech team. Her expertise has guided many a client success story. Song received her PhD from the University of Adelaide in 1995.

Industry expertise

Board of Directors

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    Matt Rhodes

    Chairman of the Board
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    Zeev Collin

    Chief Executive Officer
  • mike-holt@2x

    Mike Holt

    Managing Partner, Get2Volume
  • gilbert-cabral@2x

    Gilbert Cabral

    Managing Director, Australia

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